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About the dorm

The dorm is located in Odense M, right next to UCL and close to SDU (indsæt præcis afstand). It’s also located close to several shopping opportunities, such as: Lidl, Ikea and Rosengårdscenteret (mall). The dorm is a bit old, but it comes with a lot of fun traditions and social events.

The rooms

The dorm has 479 single rooms split across two buildings. Every room is 16m2, including its own bathroom. The rooms also have a french balcony and its own Wi-Fi connection, so you’ll need to bring your own router. People in single rooms share a kitchen with 14 other people. Rent is about 2000 kr / month with heat, electricity, water and Wi-Fi.

The dorm also has 40 apartments for couples with its own bathroom, kitchen and garden. They have to be inhabited by two people, where one of them is a student. The rent is about 3500 kr / month with heat, electricity, water and Wi-Fi.

The kitchens

Every kitchen is shared between 15 people. Usually everyone has a space in a fridge, a space in a freezer and a cabinet. The kitchens have all necessary supplies, so there is no need to bring anything when moving in, but be prepared that not everything is in the best state and of the best quality. Every kitchen makes their own rules which vary depending on the kitchens.


If you’re renting your room directly (not subleased), furniture is not included but you have the opportunity to rent furniture from the dorm separately. If you’re subletting your room, furniture may or may not be included depending on your specific deal. 

Facilities and activities

The dorm has several facilities. Indoor facilities include: Our own bar, fitnessroom, brewery room, music room, RPG-room. Outdoor facilities include: Football field, basketball field and beachvolley. Practical facilities include: Laundry room, outdoor grilling.

Do you want to live here?

The Council does not handle accommodation. If you want to apply, you’ll need to do it through If you’re an exchange student you’ll need to contact your school or Erasmus Student Network.

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